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Batch Pressure Filtration

In pressure filtration, the driving force is usually the liquid pressure from a pump. Alternatively, liquid may be passed through and out of the cake by an inflatable membrane. The solids are deposited on the top of the filter media. Wash water can be applied if cake washing is desired. In addition, an air blow can be applied for further cake drying.

In filter press dewatering, high pressure is directly applied to the sludge against a porous media supported by a plate. Typical pump pressures range from 100 psi to 225 psi. As the pump develops pressure, the sludge is forced onto the media lined plates. The filtrate flows through the media and exit through channels. After a pre-set pressurized time (cycle time), the sludge pump(s) are stopped, the feed line drained, and the press begins to unload. The moving end of the unit retracts and separates the plates, allowing the filter cakes to fall from the plates.

After the cake has been removed, the moving end pushes the plates against the fixed end for recharging to complete the cycle. This operation is usually a batch, not continuous, operation.

Bench Filter Press Test Apparatus

Sciential's bench-scale filter press kits are used to conduct tests on a variety of waste streams. Typical applications include:

Municipal Wastewater   Refinery
Industrial Wastewater   Pulp and Paper
Chemical   Ballast Water Treatment
Power   Water
Minerals   Food Processing

The use of the bench unit has been utilized as a tool to optimize the full-scale pressure filter operation or determine the full-scale unit. The use of the bench test unit will aid in determining the form cycle time, air blow (if required-dryer cake), cake washing (if required-wash solute from cake) filtrate clarity, pump pressure, chemical type, chemical dosage, mixing intensity, and mixing duration.

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