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Belt Press Filters

Since the 1960s, belt press units have been extensively used in applications where the solids in the slurry are relatively fine and more difficult to dewater.

In applications that require continuous dewatering, belt press units can be used to replace plate-and-frame type pressure filters.

Pretreated (chemically conditioned) feed sludge is introduced to the gravity drain deck where furrowing plows move the sludge to allow free water to drain. As the sludge travels along the belt filter, the sludge is fed into a low pressure wedge zone where the sludge is trapped between the upper and lower belts. As the belts converge on the initial contact point of the first pressure roll, the sludge is dewatered by the increased pressure. Final dewatering occurs in the high pressure zone as the trapped sludge travels through a series of smaller diameter rollers with sharp turns.

In general, a belt press unit will produce a very consolidated, land-fillable cake which is typically drier than that of a vacuum drum filter but not as dry as a cake from a pressure filter or centrifuge.

Gravity Belt Thickener

Gravity Belt Thickeners are designed to thicken sludge from either a clarifier or thickener. Like the belt press filter, sludge is pretreated (chemically conditioned) and introduced to the gravity drain deck (porous belt) where furrowing plows move the sludge to allow free water to drain. The solids remain on the belt and may be sent on for further dewatering (Belt Press Filter).

Bench Gravity and Belt Press Test Apparatus

Sciential's bench-scale gravity and belt press test kits are used to conduct tests on a variety of waste streams. Typical applications include:

Municipal Wastewater   Pulp and Paper
Industrial Wastewater   Ballast Water Treatment
Sand and Gravel   Food Processing
Coal Refuse   Poultry Processing

The use of the bench unit has been utilized as a tool to optimize the full-scale belt press filter operation or determine the full-scale belt press filter unit. The use of the bench test unit will aid in determining the cake solids concentration, belt speed, discharge solids rate, filtrate clarity, visual floc structure, chemical type, chemical dosage, mixing intensity, and mixing duration.

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