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Sciential Control Integration (SCI)

In today's economy, doing more with less has struck a cord with plants across all industries. Maximization of resources has become the norm. In order to meet this challenge, Sciential has developed a systems package that will enable plants to maximize its valuable resources through process control integration. Sciential is able to utilize the most current technology to monitor process separation performance and allow for equipment changes with minimal operator attention, maximizing process performance and cost savings.

Advantage® SCADA Software By TRS

Advantage is a fully functional SCADA software program for the Windows environment. The Advantage program is ideal for any process control system such as water/wastewater treatment plants, hydro-electric plants, assembly lines, remote radio control and oversight of water distribution systems, distributed control systems, and virtually any process which incorporates computers in its control and data acquisition architecture.

System integrators and plant operators will find Advantage extremely simple to learn and use. Users will also find they will benefit from several unique features that seperate Advantage software from its competitors.   Request Free Advantage Tutorial CD

Key Advantage SCADA Features:

  • Runs on any Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2K computer
    • requires NO third-party applications
    • entire system databases fit on a floppy disk
  • Intuitive, powerful, and flexible HMI
    • learn to use the system quickly without expensive training classes
  • Fully customizable, interactive graphics
    • take advantage of the integrated Symbol Factory� (by Software Toolbox�) which includes over 3000 icons spanning several industry categories.
  • Full editing capability without interruption of any system functions
    • edit any database item while the system continues to run your plant (polling, logging, alarming, etc.)
    • no need for an off-line development system or separate editing computer
  • Built-in, configurable data logging and reporting
    • automatically generate reports from logged historical data without costly third-party applications
  • Isolated subsystem testing
    • test/monitor/manipulate control strategies or individual database points while the system continues to run
  • Global graphic coloring strategies
    • build customized graphic coloring schemes without scripting each individual object
  • Intelligent tag database entry tool
    • add incremental tags (tags that differ "incrementally" by name and address) with a single click
  • Configurable real-time and historical trends
    • customize trends to include multiple scales, arbitrary sample rates, and arbitrary time spans
  • Hot backup capability
    • automatically (no manual intervention or reboot) transfer polling and logging control to a "redundant host" computer if a problem is discovered at the host computer
  • Independent field device acquisition pollers
    • efficiently poll multiple stations simultaneously
  • Remote terminals via network and/or dialup
    • view entire system and interact with database points from any networked computer or phone line
  • Full database testing functionality
    • instantly view any database inconsistencies
  • Remote alarm notification via customizable audio phone calls and/or alpha-numeric pages
    • receive alarm notifications on your cell phone and/or pager while away from the plant
  • DDE support
    • collect real-time database values from third-party DDE-compliant applications
  • ODBC-compliant (CSV) files of tag database, reports, and logs
    • view your database/reports/logs using Microsoft Excel or any CSV-compliant application

Key Graphic Features:

  • Unlimited Graphic pages
  • Unlimited objects on Graphic pages
  • Dynamic coloring/animation based on associated tag attributes/values
  • Object interaction, including system outputs, report loading, screen jumping, and arbitrary program launching
  • Supports text, basic shapes, groups of shapes, unlimited polygons, bitmaps, videos, and embedded trends
  • Intuitive and powerful graphics editor including library of over 3,000 process control icons from Software Toolbox, Inc. Key Editor Features:
    • Rectangle, ellipse, line, curve, and free-hand object tools
    • Object sizing, alignment, ordering, centering, spacing, and rotation tools
    • Customizable color palette

Below are a few sample Graphic pages: